Martin Klier


Oracle gridSetup.sh Fails with Error Code 255

Bash Error 255 Sometimes you have to apply a RU when launching Oracle 19c gridSetup.sh to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle restart. For example when you install it in its vanilla 19.3 version on Oracle Linux 8. OL8 did not exist when they made 19.3, so some of its specials (like verifying group/user existence) […]

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When are Oracle RUs released? (Update)

It seems unbelievable, but sometimes Oracle REALLY simplifies things. After the rather complex calculation in the last years, now we will get new RUs on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Source: https://www.oracle.com/security-alerts/ Thanks to everybody at Oracle who made this comfort possible. 🙂 Reference to old post: https://www.usn-it.de/2021/03/01/when-are-oracle-rus-released/ […]

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Symposium42 // SYM42

Stay tuned, something cool in the Database World is around the corner. Symposium42 (short: SYM42) is coming soon. Follow it on Twitter: @sym_42 Why a Symposium42? SYM42 is an idea that has been discussed for a little while within a group of presenters & conference organisers, mostly based in Europe & the USA but also […]

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Create Oracle Data Guard Standby with DBCA

Demands of Automation You can easily create an Oracle Data Guard Standby Database with the Database Configuration Assistant DBCA. That’s especially interesting if you have automation at work, and are not keen on configuring stuff all over the place. This is available in version 19c upwards. DBCA uses RMAN DUPLICATE FOR STANDBY with an auxiliary […]

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DOAG Konferenz 2021 Slides for Download

Thank you all for attending, commenting and discussing my presentations at DOAG Konferenz 2021. I am happy about the good feedback, and the attendance in the rooms. Meeting some of you in DOAG’s GatherTown was a good thing, to mimic the real conference center in Nuremberg. But still a mimic! I’m looking forward to DOAG […]

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Godspeed, Pieter van Puymbroeck

Last Sunday, I got a miserable call, one that everybody fears: On July, 16th 2021, the Oracle Community lost one of its loveliest members and a valued contributor. We all lost an amazing human being. I lost a dear and trusted friend: Pieter van Puymbroeck, you passed away in one of your favourite spots – […]

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When are Oracle RUs released?

When are Oracle Release Update and Release Update Revision released? What is the schedule for RU and RUR? It’s the same as for CPU. It’s important to know that the patch cycle that produces Release Updates (RU) and Release Update Revisions (RUR) actually is the quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) Program for database version 12.2 […]

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The Three Thirds of My Career (so far)

Recently looking into a renowned Professional Social Network, I was surprised: Somehow I managed to have three IT and Oracle jobs in sequence, and now mid-2020, all of them lasted the same amount of time. Six years and a half. 2002-2008, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger, where I learned to fly. 2008-2014, Klug / TGW Logistics, the lesson […]

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