Martin Klier


Lecture “Highly available Communications Server” (Oracle Database) at DOAG conference 2007

Hi, I’ll give a lecture about high availability with Oracle RAC and Dataguard at DOAG Conference 2007 (annual conference of the German Oracle User’s Group). The talk will be in German. (“Ein hochverfügbarer Kommunikationsserver mit RAC, ASM, redundant shared media und DataGuard”) When? Thursday, November 22nd 2007 1300hrs Where? CCN CongressCenter Nürnberg Ost Messezentrum D-90471 […]

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Solaris SMF (Service Management Facility) introduction

Hi, Solaris is great. I found out as I purchased an used Fujitsu Siemens Primepower 400 some time ago. Now, here is a new category: Solaris, and most time it will mean Solaris 10. Solaris IS cool – not at least because of its stable and self-healing system service management, called “SMF” (Service Management Facility), […]

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Scheduler hangs in Oracle Database 10g

Hi, sometimes the 10g scheduler refuses to start jobs any more. I do not know why at the moment, but as a workaround you can just kill -9 the “coordinator job queue (CJQ0)” process from OS level. The process will be named like “ora_cjq0_SID” in a RAC. PMON does a restart of the coordinator after […]

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How to fail over a client transparently in a dataguard switchover/failover scenario

Hi, with using dataguard (Oracle’s hot/cold standby database solution) you have the challenge to make a failover or a roleswitch between the primary and the standby database transparent to the clients. If you don’t, you will have a (partially) loss of service: Clients tnsnames.ora’s will need reconfiguration or the application has to use another TNS […]

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Job exchange for Linux/OSS

Hi, this idea looks good to me: http://www.linux-lancers.com/de/ It’s a free job platform for Linux and OSS – I think the world needs things like this. Please let me know whether it works or not. Good luck, Usn […]

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run Cisco VPN client as non-root-user

Hello, if you want to run the vpnclient as non-root-user (very desirable), you probably will get privsep: unable to drop privileges: group set failed. since the cvpnd needs to be run with root privileges. Just give it the setuid root-Flag: chmod 4111 /opt/cisco-vpnclient/bin/cvpnd and have fun with yout user-built VPN tunnel. Regards, Usn […]

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