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How to disable Oracle ACFS drivers / registry resource

Sometimes an installed ACFS can cause trouble, especially if we don’t or can’t use it (e.g. when not using an UEK Linux kernel, like with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES). There’s lots of documentation how to create and maintain ACFS file systems, but how to get rid of ACFS at all wasn’t so easy to guess. I had to find out how to disable Oracle ACFS drivers, because the grid infrastructure did not stop successfully when using “crsctl stop crs” or “/etc/init.d/ohasd stop”:
CRS-2799: Failed to shut down resource ‘ora.drivers.acfs’ – and thus, it was not possible to upgrade the grid infrastructure to version (rootupgrade.sh fails on first node, also when trying to stop the CRS for the same reason).

How to disable Oracle ACFS drivers - runInstaller during upgrade

But in fact, to disable Oracle ACFS drivers IS quite simple – the tool “acfsroot” helps to deconfigure it:

$GRID_HOME/bin/acfsroot disable

When doing this, the cluster resource ora.registry.acfs will be disabled, too.

Seems that this is caused by a bug (13726093) where the clusterware can’t unload a driver that’s not loaded (Oracle calls that an OS issue!). Implications are explained in this My Oracle Support note “SLES: “crsctl stop crs” Fails to Stop ora.drivers.acfs With CRS-2675 (Doc ID 1417294.1)”, which solved my problem.

I blogged about ACFS driver issues on SuSE before here.

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