Martin Klier


DOAG Conference 2011 – Impressions and Look-at’s

Once again this year, the German Oracle Users Group has its annual conference and exhibition in Nuremberg. (DOAG Konferenz und Ausstellung 2011, Nürnberg). Being there is nearly a must for Oracle guys in German speaking countries. As usual, here comes my unordered, incomplete and ad-hoc list of things I wrote down to have a closer […]

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Oracle Clusterware 11.2: ASM crashes at startup

These days, a customer’s Oracle Clusterware (2 nodes) crashed one ASM instance at every startup. More Facts: It was not possible to start it manually, too. The CSSD was running. For obvious reasons, CRSD did not start. The other ASM instance in the cluster recognized CLUSTER RECONFIGURATION for a short period of time. The ASM […]

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Linux Network bonding – setup guide

After looking up Linux bonding stuff for the thrid time, I planned to write an article aubout it. But there are lots of good blog posts on this, so just click here at unixfoo: Linux Network bonding – setup guide (strange link, I know, but it works) Hope it helps for you next high avaliability […]

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Oracle ASM / CloudFS licensing policy

Sad to see, at least from June 1st 2011 the new Grid Infrastructure ASM features “ACFS” (ASM cluster file system) and “ADVM” (ASM dynamic volume manager) are now licensed as “Cluster FIle System” (ClusterFS). As far as I can see from the Technology Global Price List, it’s US$ 5000 per CPU, US$ 1100 perpetual. Alternatively, […]

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Microsoft SQL server fragmentation and reorganization

Oh really, there ARE guys with deep insight into Microsoft SQL server. This notes absolutely look like a willing professional who did learn something new: http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda/archive/2009/03/20/sql-server-2008-fragmentation.aspx But what about me? I am still looking for a course or material giving me the SQL Server architecture and logic in a way I can understand. At least […]

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How to find out the (biggest) table size in MS SQL Server?

How to find out the (biggest) table size in MS SQL Server? To find the answer in your preferred search engine is difficult – not because there are no hits, but there is that lot of crap to see, it’s just unbelievable. If you don’t want to enjoy this experience, maybe have a look into […]

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