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Oracle ACE Director

Uh, there has been no blog entry for some time, had a busy time. So now I have a good reason to blog after returning from Collaborate18 in Las Vegas, where I had the chance to present two talks about SQL Tuning and Oracle Performance on VMware.

The Oracle ACE Program usually hosts a dinner for all members attending one of the big conferences. This time, there was a nice surprise included for myself – Oracle decided to promote my ACE status to Oracle ACE Director.


I feel honored, and say Thank You! Nevertheless, I will continue to think and talk critically about Oracle whenever it seems appropriate. In my opinion, Oracle is a very good technology company, but much with the term “service” in it, still can use a good share of improvement.

Thank you all for reading my blogs and attending to my talks. You are the guys who make this being fun for me!

Oracle: Create a Materialized View with Fast Refresh on commit and debug upcoming errors
Back again!

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