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Oracle on SLES12 SP2 – Avoiding Cgroup Task Limit

Once upon a time, there was an Oracle RAC cluster on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP2, that did not do well. Its database and ASM instances used to fail with:

ORA-27300: OS system dependent operation:fork failed with status: 11
ORA-27301: OS failure message: Resource temporarily unavailable
ORA-27302: failure occurred at: skgpspawn3

Of course, in such a case you will check ulimits -u / limits.conf (nproc) and sysctl.conf (kernel.pid_max). But what if this does not help?

SUSE introduced a new Thread Limit using the PID cgroup controller. Its default value is 512, and obviously too small for any production RAC I ever saw. If your ohasd cgroup violates it, you will get one tiny and singular error message in dmesg and many of the above, uncertain ORA-27300 “fork failed with status:11”. And did you know what “11” is? it means “Try again”. 🙂 Thank you.

cgroup: fork rejected by pids controller in /system.slice/ohasd.service

Next time running Oracle on SLES12 SP2, you may want to check /etc/systemd/system.conf, too. There is a parameter to configure the default max threads number per cgroup:


Since it’s the default, it is commented. In my case, I wanted 65535, so now I am happy with:


I hope you come about this blog post before spending too many hours on this pointless issue as I did. 🙂
Martin Klier

PS: That’s the link that says “Yes we changed a detail in our system with SP2”:

PS2: Thank you to Stefan Köhler and many other idea-dispensers who helped to narrow down the issue!

Oracle 12.2 sysctl.conf Default Preinstall Settings
Oracle on Windows: ASM instance terminated by LMON / ORA-27300 IPC_TCPConnectCheck failed with status -1

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