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DOAG Konferenz 2021 Slides for Download

Thank you all for attending, commenting and discussing my presentations at DOAG Konferenz 2021. I am happy about the good feedback, and the attendance in the rooms. Meeting some of you in DOAG’s GatherTown was a good thing, to mimic the real conference center in Nuremberg. But still a mimic!

I’m looking forward to DOAG 2022 on site.
Save the date: November 15-18, 2022!

My this year’s presentations

are now availabe for free without registrations at our company’s web site: https://www.performing-databases.com/en/blog/

Maybe, you want to have a look at the first one of the Multitenant Performance series, too: “Of Noisy Neighbors and Annoying Children in the Condo – Oracle Multitenant Performance I

As always, feedback is much appreciated, just send me an email or get in touch by many other ways.

Stay safe!

Godspeed, Pieter van Puymbroeck

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