Martin Klier


DOAG Konferenz 2010 – Look at’s

For the last three days, I have been in Nuremberg, attending the DOAG Konferenz 2010 (annual conference of the german Oracle user group). This year, my list of “Look at’s” is way shorter than last years list was. It’s not the fault of the event, I just did not write down that many facts. My […]

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Oracle Database patch set is out

For all who may concern 😉 Oracle is out for Linux x86 and Linux x86_64 It’s patch set 10098816! Packaging: Starting with the first patch set for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (, Oracle Database patch sets are full installations of the Oracle Database software. In past releases, Oracle Database patch sets consisted of […]

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Oracle ASM quote of the week

Please, do yourself a favour and NEVER EVER use ASM on Windows! “Dear Sir, obviously I forgot to put a file system on drives E:, F: and G: of the DB machine. I did this now, and hope you excuse the delay. Best regards John Doe Windows Server Administrator” /* no comment */ Martin […]

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Oracle 11g trace particular SQL_ID

As a follow-up of my last post, I learned that creating traces is much simpler in 11g than I expected it to be. Dion Cho and Tanel Poder pointed me to some interesting links http://oraclue.com/2009/03/24/oracle-event-sql_trace-in-11g/ http://tech.e2sn.com/oracle/troubleshooting/oradebug-doc describing how to set up a trace event on one SQL_ID without need to do it on session level […]

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Oracle 11.2: Cursor Mutex S wait event and too many (2^30) child cursors

Once again, there was a lesson to be learned about the Oracle RDBMS. The occaison was a direct upgrade from Enterprise Edition 10gR2 to EE 11gR2, the application was kept untouched for good reason. Problem After running the new version for two hours, everything became incredibly slow, and the CPU load on the DB server […]

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Native ZFS for Linux

After long-aking FUSE implemented ZFS on Linux, Lawrence Livermore Labs have released a reimplemented ZFS for native use with a Linux Kernel. See details here: http://github.com/behlendorf/zfs Still have to test it, but I’d daresay, it was time. Good pooling Martin […]

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Oracle srvctl does not remove EONS despite it’s documented (PRKO-2013)

srvctl in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 has at least one discrepancy between docs and functionality. I saw EONS consuming lots of memory in a non-database grid installation, and wanted to get rid of it. (The eONS is used by Oracle Enterprise Manager to receive notification of change in status of components managed by […]

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