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Godspeed, Pieter van Puymbroeck

Last Sunday, I got a miserable call, one that everybody fears: On July, 16th 2021, the Oracle Community lost one of its loveliest members and a valued contributor. We all lost an amazing human being. I lost a dear and trusted friend: Pieter van Puymbroeck, you passed away in one of your favourite spots – on board of your love, “S/V Quo Vadis”, moored in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

Pieter, we first met 2017 in Dublin. It was another Oracle conference, as we both attended and presented for so often. I don’t remember how we got to talking, but my first memory with you is spending hours sitting on the floor of the hotel hallway, discussing a proposed project of yours. I will be forever grateful for the easy way we could talk about the most complicated things – first it was tech stuff, but more and more you became such a good counterpart for all kinds of personal things to consider. I am afraid that I could never give back half of that to you. Thank you for the giving, all the time we had together.

Giving is something you always were strong with. Some of the most joyful memories I have, is spending time on your boat, the great Quo Vadis. You trusting me on her wheel, you teaching me to handle her properly in rough sea, and simply enjoying salty water and great food together. So many amazing moments have water, masts and sky as a background. You shared all this, without a second of hesitation, or asking for your own benefit. Thank you – even for the opportunity to make YOU seasick one memorable day! 🙂

There is Oracle everywhere, when I think about you, Pieter. And I think of you, when I touch Oracle, especially when it comes to Data Guard. When we got acquainted, we both were years-long students of the big red miracle Oracle, trying to find out how to serve our likewise customers best. I was so proud of you when you joined the ranks of Oracle ACE Directors, and so happy to share the moment of your biggest professional pride: The day when you joined Oracle Corporation to become Product Manager for Data Guard. Not an easy task, to become the successor of a legend – but if not you, who else? You were so happy to join a wonderful team, and I always was under the impression that you love the work at Oracle. Not surprisingly, you kept your values, continued sharing your amazing knowledge, and your readiness to help all of us with your sharp mind. Thank you!

My friend, your life was one of bivalence, of contrasts. You were a reservoir of big love, but sometimes it overwhelmed you. You adored your boat, but it also could be an emotional burden. You loved the Oracle technology world, but you had to stretch hard to meet your own expectations all the time. You were a natural born friend, but afraid of not being good. Maybe I did not tell you often enough – but you were great! So many things I can’t tell you any more, but I will never forget you. I will terribly miss you, all of us will terribly miss you, Pupi.

Go ahead, four points to the wind, closely hauled. Godspeed, Pieter!


We would like to help Pieter’s son Manten, 8y, to move future obstacles to getting a good education out of Manten’s way by supporting a fundraiser and because Pieter would have done anything for his “Puma” and “Kabouter” Manten.

Your small gift today will mean a lot for Manten’s future:

To say Thank You, many friends collected pictures and video material of Pieter, and an amazing colleague of his created a video from it. Let’s celebrate Pieter’s life, and never forget him.

Quo Vadis?
Where are you going? One’s path in life? As a sailor, on the open ocean, Pieter could go anywhere on earth. He was on a journey, and we loved to be a part of it. Our connection with him, went to our hearts, and any place he went. He spoke to us, encouraged us, and whatever journey we take, we will do it together and forever. His boat – Quo Vadis, a metaphor for life’s journey, a voyage we all take, with a final destination not always known. Goodbye Pieter.
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26 thoughts on “Godspeed, Pieter van Puymbroeck

  1. I unfortunately never met Pieter in real life. But we shared the moment of joining the ACE community. And had some precious interactions. I’m shocked hearing of hid passing. Wow…

  2. Thank you Martin for these beautiful posthumous words that made me love Piet without ever having met him.

    On the other hand, through two or three exchanges on Twitter with Piet, I understood that he was a great person. I just lost a neighbor (I live 30 min from Brussels). May God bless him and grant him the peace that he radiated through his eternal smile.

    Mohamed Houri

  3. Thank you so much Martin for these words.
    We met Peter at the DOAG Annual conference 3 years ago, but we were “twitter friends” -as Peter liked to say it- a long time before that.
    When we finally met him in person it was like seeing an old friend.
    I will miss his kindness and his warm and lovely smile.

  4. It is awful to go away at only 38 :(:(
    I am just looking at the title of one of Pieter’s presentations at ILOUG 2018…
    A premonition ?!?
    Now you are on your journey to the stars … so we will never meet again on this Earth … Maybe some day among the stars ?!?
    Rest in peace and let your light shine forever upon this world … upon the
    sea that you loved so much … and upon us, humble Oracle workers whom you always tried to help …
    The memories you left behind to all those who closely knew your human values will remain forever …
    My sincere condolences to the whole family left behind
    and, for you, a silent and peaceful journey to a better world 🙂

  5. A beautiful write-up on Pieter, he was such a valuable part of our team, the community, and a friend to all of us at Oracle. We are going to miss his energy and vibrance in everything he did for years to come.

  6. Very nice write-up on Pieter. Shocking news indeed – 38 is really way too young to go. My sincere condolences to his family. We were so happy to have him represent our product as Product Manager. His energy and enthusiasm for Data Guard was undeniable. He will be sorely missed. RIP Pieter.

  7. Thank you, Martin, for sharing your memories of Pieter. His passing has come as a great shock to many of us. All I can say is how sorry I am. Pieter was an amazing colleague, team member and friend to so many of us in the Oracle community. His bright light will stay with us for a long time to come.

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