Martin Klier


The Three Thirds of My Career (so far)

Recently looking into a renowned Professional Social Network, I was surprised: Somehow I managed to have three IT and Oracle jobs in sequence, and now mid-2020, all of them lasted the same amount of time. Six years and a half. 2002-2008, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger, where I learned to fly. 2008-2014, Klug / TGW Logistics, the lesson […]

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Status Blog

Hello, long time no see? Many things have changed here, so my time for blogging was limited. Together with Benedikt Nahlovsky, I founded “Performing Databases“, a company to offer top-class database know-how combined with flexibility and agility. Doing all the formal requirements, and pushing business into life absorbed much of my free brain space. In […]

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