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Oracle Technology Day Storage Optimisation – Impressions

In January, I’ve bee rather busy, so the blog was left alone. No sense in blogging just to blog.

Now some content. I attended the Oracle Technology Day – Storage Optimisation in Bonn, Germany. It was a nice event, lots of information, a bit commercials, excellent catering. But this is a technical blog, let’s talk abut Oracle technology.

One interesting information was the averages the first speaker, Mr. Gerd Schoen of Oracle, explained. They are mostly valid for OLAP systems, and I don’t claim they are absolutely true, but it was interesting to hear. I neither will comment them, nor discuss them. Just read what I heard.

  • Calculate with 5 IOs per transaction
  • One CPU can serve about 200MB/s bandwidth
  • One SAS disk is able to perform 100 IOPS
  • One SATA disk is able to perform 50 IOPS
  • Oracle OLTP compression has a CPU overhead of about 3%
  • OLTP compression has a compression factor of about 3

As usual, I’ve collected some look-ats again. Unordered, just a transcript of my notepad.

  • DB Smart Flash Cache (only available with Exadata at the moment)
  • Let’s perform automatic data lifecycling with ASM! The 11g asmcmd has a handy scriptable interface for this purpose.
  • Index Compression
  • Oracle Secure Backup option
  • Implementation of standard file systems in ASM is possible, no need to use ACFS as long as there’s only one active node accessing it. At least possible for ext3 and NTFS
  • The keyword for this is ADVM (ASM Dynamic Volume Manager)
  • Ref-Partitioning: Partitioning of foreign-key-chained tables with no need to have the partitioning predicate in the table itself. Uses parent table’s partitioning logic to decide where to store the data. Neat.
  • Virtual Column Partitioning, creating a virtual column in the way a substr() works
  • Materialized View refresh via partition change tracking instead of MV logs
  • OLTP compression is licensed via Advanced Compression Option, thus only available for Enterprise Edition
  • Same for datapump compression. A shame.
  • ILM assistant from OTN

Okay, this was short, but intended to feed yout google evening a bit.

Have a nice time and best regards
Martin Klier

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