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Lecture about Database Technology Basics at Augustinus Gymnasium Weiden

This year, I will talk again about basics of DB technology for 9th grade of AGW (Augustinus Gymnasium Weiden, a secondary school) again. The same event has been a success in the last years, and it’s simply nice there.

Nice? Please allow me a word about this school. They have an engaged teacher, Klaus Märker, who does a lot more of IT teaching than he would have to. His voluntary IT classes are simply looking great and promising. It’s a big opportunity for the kids, to learn some IT specials during their school time. I hope, you know and value what he does for you.

It was self-evident for me to support his approach on showing the young ones more than ministry officials creating an official curriculum can imagine. Database technology is some kind of “poor cousin” in IT schooling. I see that every day. I am not under the imagination that the girls and boys there will become database pros from one lecture, may it be good or bad. But they have a chance to see more than their history-, latin- or maths books. And be honest, at least, if you don’t use a database by yourself, your name is already inside a pretty good one.

Ok, enough of this monologue, here comes the paper.

Hopefully, it will be fun again,

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