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Extracting Oracle DDL from online redo logs or archived redo logs with DDLDUMP

The oracle-l mailing list made me try a new tool, created by David Litchfield. It’s called DDLDUMP V. 0.1 and extracts DDL from redo logs or archived redo logs, the output format is XML. Since it’s a windows .exe file for now, I had to use wine to test it, but it works flawlessly, and David promised to provide Linux binaries as well.

Look here:

> wine ddldump.exe /opt/oracle/flash_recovery_area/KLM11G/archivelog/2010_06_30/o1_mf_1_906_62pdfkdf_.arc ddl
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
<?xml version="1.0"?><LOG>
<ltimestamp>04/09/2009 10:00:02</ltimestamp>
<TIMESTAMP>30/06/2010 13:45:30</TIMESTAMP>
<TIMESTAMP>30/06/2010 13:59:44</TIMESTAMP>
<SQL_STATETMENT>create table willi2 as select * from willi</SQL_STATETMENT>

This output comes from stdout, and is easily to be redirected into a file by adding “> stuff.xml” on Unixoid OSses.

I’d say, this small program can be really useful, and avoids huge logminer efford for simple questions of a DBA life. The tool is said to work on 10g and 11g databases, my test was 11gR2.

Just one sad thing: It’s closed source, and just a kind of demo version. Download and product info is available here: http://www.v3rity.com/ddldump.php

Be careful, as always
Martin Klier

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