Martin Klier


Blocking network loopback slows down firefox extremely

My newly installed Firefox web browser (versions 2 and 3, does not matter) was deadly slow. I don’t mean the display of web sites, no, I am talking about pulldown-menus or opening tabs. (For example, bookmarks folder opens within 6 long seconds.) Several hours I was not able to tell why it acts that way. […]

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Talk “Hope is not a strategy” at Vocational School Wiesau

Hi, there will be a talk about IT High Availability for rising IT professionals at Vocational IT School Wiesau on Monday, 10th of March 2008. The topic: “Hope is not a startegy” – IT high availability in theory and practical experience See paper and slides here. Regards Martin EDIT: There has been a nice press […]

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New homepage for our Linux User Group Mitterteich

Hi friends, the Linux User Group Mitterteich has a new webpage and a new URI (http://www.linux-mitterteich.de). The old URI (http://www.lug-mitterteich.de.vu) will be redirected from today on. Well, the page isn’t perfect at the moment – but finally we started working on it: The free template (made by Ramin Hossaini) used at the moment will be […]

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My first steps with Gentoo – Part I

Hi, saw some friends of mine using Gentoo for useful purposes (only had experience with Gentoo users asking useless questions and/or causing deeply clueless arguments about the use of a portage based OS so far), I needed to check it myself. First thing, loaded a minimalistic Gentoo 2007.0 .iso file onto my VMware server, and […]

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run Cisco VPN client as non-root-user

Hello, if you want to run the vpnclient as non-root-user (very desirable), you probably will get privsep: unable to drop privileges: group set failed. since the cvpnd needs to be run with root privileges. Just give it the setuid root-Flag: chmod 4111 /opt/cisco-vpnclient/bin/cvpnd and have fun with yout user-built VPN tunnel. Regards, Usn […]

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new GNU bash forum rising

Hi, TheBonsai started a brand-new bash forum at http://forum.bash-hackers.org. Since I know him as a real skilled bash poweruser it should be fun to learn from the site. Just have a look. Yours, Usn […]

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Apache 2.2 – “unable to include potential exec”

Hi, recently I’ve seen ugly error pages (e.g.for 404 or 403) on my Apache 2.2 server: The supplemental text blocks have been there, but instead of header, footer and spaces “[an error occured while processing this directive]” was shown. For these accesses, the Apache error.log showed “unable to include potential exec ‘include/top.html’ in parsed file […]

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Prepare IPtables for the Cisco VPN Client

Hi out there, installing the Cisco VPN Client 4.8.00 should be no problem (just run “vpninstall” with kernel headers installed). But running it from the notebook in an insecure environment needs a host firewall on the mobile device. I love setting the default policies of a chain to “DROP”! But the VPN Client communicates via […]

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