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New homepage for our Linux User Group Mitterteich

Hi friends,

the Linux User Group Mitterteich has a new webpage and a new URI (http://www.linux-mitterteich.de). The old URI (http://www.lug-mitterteich.de.vu) will be redirected from today on.

Well, the page isn’t perfect at the moment – but finally we started working on it:

  • The free template (made by Ramin Hossaini) used at the moment will be replaced: Maxi works on a new, customized one.
  • I developed the page structure and filled it with first, generic and historical content, most items simply have been migrated it from the old page.
  • By and by, the content will come.

Please review the new page, and tell me you opinion. I’d be glad.


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