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Oracle ASM / CloudFS licensing policy

Sad to see, at least from June 1st 2011 the new Grid Infrastructure ASM features “ACFS” (ASM cluster file system) and “ADVM” (ASM dynamic volume manager) are now licensed as “Cluster FIle System” (ClusterFS).

As far as I can see from the Technology Global Price List, it’s US$ 5000 per CPU, US$ 1100 perpetual. Alternatively, it’s US$ 100 per Named User Plus (NUP), minimum licensing 25 users, US$ 22 perpetual.

Citation from the Features and Editions page:

A restricted use license to use Oracle Cloud File System is included with all editions of the database specifically for storing Oracle Database-related configuration files, including Oracle Database software binaries and homes, Oracle Database software administrative files, and Oracle Database software diagnostic files. Customers wishing to store their own data files, or non-Oracle Database software files including data files, binaries, administrative files, and diagnostic files, in Oracle Cloud File System must separately license Oracle Cloud File System.

Well, another good feature becoming expensive, it’s a figures-driven company. 🙂


PS: No official Oracle figures here, just for orientation.

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