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DOAG Conference 2011 – Impressions and Look-at’s

Once again this year, the German Oracle Users Group has its annual conference and exhibition in Nuremberg. (DOAG Konferenz und Ausstellung 2011, Nürnberg). Being there is nearly a must for Oracle guys in German speaking countries.

As usual, here comes my unordered, incomplete and ad-hoc list of things I wrote down to have a closer look at in the next year, coming up during or from random talks I attended.

Day 1 (Tue 15.11.2011)

  • AVG_ROW_LENGTH of a table vs. Blocksize
  • analyze table X validate stucture cascade
  • Linux: Transcendent Memory
  • Linux: CleanCache and zcache
  • Linux: Cgroups
  • Linux: Transparent Huge Pages (wow!)
  • Linux: DTrace
  • Linux proprietary: Ksplice
  • View: registry$history for the REAL version number
  • Rolling Upgradable patches means minimal downtime on on Single Instance DBs, in combination with Out-of-Place-Upgrade)
  • Bug 10187168 in PSU (_cursor_features_enables=1026
  • Typeset conversions: CSscan and DMU utilities
  • AIX patch following note 1246995 (Memory Footprint)

Day 2 (Wed 16.11.2011)

  • Automatic Cardinality Feedback (with Adaptive Cursor Sharing)
  • Workload Statistics vs. System Statistics
  • associate cost with function
  • dbms_odci (to estimate CPU cost), that’s cool
  • Evolve Oracle Baselines after creation!
  • Usage of Global Hints
  • v$sql_monitor and v$sql_plan_monitor (Tuning pack needed?)
  • v$pga_target_advice
  • v$pga_target_advice_histogram
  • v$pgastat
  • v$sga_resize_ops
  • v$sga_current_resize_ops
  • $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sysresv + oradebug ipc
  • Use more Huge Pages / Large Pages!
  • Cluster service ora.oc4j currently only used for QoS module
  • QoS module

Day 3 (Thu 17.11.2011)

  • dbms_xmlquery
  • oradebug for online patching, memory manipulation)
  • Reconfigure SQL*Net’s SDU to large (64k, default 8k)
  • SQL*Net dead node detection
  • configure SQL*Net connection retries
  • BDP calculation (Bandwidth * Delay) for true throughput
  • 10053 trace file viewer by Jonathan Lewis
  • Index Rebuild: Check if blevel even changes (250.000 and 50M rows for cornerstones)
  • Index Rebuild: PCTFREE can lead to larger index after rebuild
  • ANSI joins limiting CBO transformation (with hints)
  • NOT EXISTS is HASH JOIN ANTI in Execution Plan
  • JOIN is better optimized than FILTER
  • Nested Loop Join batching

So you see, lots of stuff waiting for a review. Will be busy with all of those for the next year. 🙂

Take care

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