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Lost, deleted or corrupted a voting disk (quorum) in Oracle RAC 10.2 ?

Hi Folx,

whenever you lost, deleted or corrupted a quorum aka voting disk in Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 10.2, you have three options:

1) Reinstall your Clusterware, see Metalink Note 279793.1

2) Replay a backup taken with
“dd if=/dev/votingdisk of=/backup/votingfile bs=4k”

3) Have a look at Metalink Note 399482.1 and the RAC Administration and Deployment Guide at
RAC Administration and Deployment Guide:
You will find the
“crsctl add css votedisk /dev/xyz [-force]” and the
“crsctl delete css votedisk /dev/xyz [-force]”
commands most useful, I guess.

You may want to use them on a “cold” RAC, so no (further) corruption must be feared. This is the only situation you can savely use the -force option. On “hot” RAC, -force probably will destroy your setup.

If you have only one single corrupted voting disk (like I had), you can add a “dummy” one (loopback device or spare LUN), drop the old/real one, create a new voting disk on the old device, and drop the dummy. Worked very well.

Good luck,

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