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Oracle RAC 12.2 on SLES12 – How to disable Hardware Lock Elision Support

The Problem

In the last week, I had to set up an Oracle RAC (and thus, the Clusterware) version on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 (SLES12 Sp2). The failed latest in of the first node with a kinda non-intuitive error:

CRS-5804: Communication error with agent process
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.
2017/07/10 10:18:49 CLSRSC-119: Start of the exclusive mode cluster failed
Died at /u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/crs/install/ line 2053.
The command ‘/u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/perl/bin/perl -I/u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/perl/lib -I/u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/crs/install /u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/crs/install/ ‘ execution failed

Thank you – for nothing.

The rootcrs.log in /tmp/GridAction<date> directory was a bit more enlightening, but not much:

CRS-5804: Communication error with agent process
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.
The exlusive mode cluster start failed, see Clusterware alert log for more information
Executing cmd: /u01/app/12.2.0/grid_1/bin/clsecho -p has -f clsrsc -m 119
Command output:
> CLSRSC-119: Start of the exclusive mode cluster failed 
>End Command output
CLSRSC-119: Start of the exclusive mode cluster failed
###### Begin DIE Stack Trace ######
Package File Line Calling 
--------------- -------------------- ---- ----------
1: main 287 crsutils::dietrap
2: crsinstall 2053 main::__ANON__
3: crsinstall 1963 crsinstall::perform_initial_config
4: crsinstall 653 crsinstall::perform_init_config
5: crsinstall 813 crsinstall::init_config
6: crsinstall 380 crsinstall::CRSInstall
7: main 446 crsinstall::new
####### End DIE Stack Trace #######

Eh… yes.

The error in the cluster alert log finally was better, and made me curious:

CRS-8503: Oracle Clusterware process ORAROOTAGENT with operating system process ID 20948 experienced fatal signal or exception code 11.
Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/crs/myserver08/crs/trace/ohasd_orarootagent_root.trc (incident=1):
CRS-8503 [__lll_unlock_elision()+48] [Signal/Exception: 11] [Instruction Addr: 0x7f5df148a4a0] [Memory Addr: (nil)] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Ah. Of course. :)

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Visited Germany’s first Spatial Database, Size 26 kiloStones

Last week, I had the chance to visit Bavaria’s (and so also Germany’s) oldest Spatial Database. It’s buried deep below Munich, and contains all the geo information about Bavaria in scale 1:5000 and some in 1:2500. It was introduced in 1808 and was in use until 1950. That’s also the current state of the data.

Each of the 26,000 official maps is painted in oil and mirror-invertedly on polished lime sand brick. Each “page” is 1m x 1m (3.2ft x 3.2ft) in size, 4-6cm (2-3in) thick and the weight of each stone “disk” is approximately 70kg (154lbs). That makes it 26 Kilostones in size, with a dump size of 1,820,000 kg or 3,968,000 lbs.

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Performance is rarely an accident (Deutsch)

Some time ago, I saw a great presentation of Cary Millsap: „Thinking clearly about performance”. It was obviously relevant for our internal developers, so he unhesistantly granted me permission to reproduce some of his ideas for us. Cary, thank you very much!

Here you can see, what I made out of the topic, mostly for visualization purposes.



Martin Klier: Performance is Rarely an Accident (pdf)

As I said, the intention was to show development teams, how beneficial it would be to think about performance at all, and that you’d need code instrumentation (=runtime meta information about application behavior) to get better.

I hope you enjoy the slide deck.
Martin Klier

Edit: Exchanged the basic version for Second Edition in Wiesau and Munich

Speaking at COLLABORATE 14: “YOUR machine and MY database – a performing relationship!?”

I’m excited to announce that IOUG accepted my talk

“YOUR machine and MY database – a performing relationship!?”

for COLLABORATE 14 in Las Vegas.


I’d love to see you there – for tech talk, gossip and meeting old and new friends!


Databases affect machines, machines affect databases. Optimizing one is pointless without knowing the other. System administrators and database administrators will not necessarily have the same opinion – often because they know little about the opposite’s needs. This lecture was made to promote understanding – showing how the database can stress the server, and how the server can limit the database. And why two admins sometimes don’t speak the same language, not even with a developer as an interpreter.

  • Recall the different needs of different technical layers underneath a database system.
  • Understand the technical collaboration of hardware, operating system and database.
  • Plot ways how to avoid collisions, competition and concurrency.
  • Promote collaboration!

Date, time and location:

Thu, Apr 10, 2014
01:00 p.m. – 02:00 p.m.

Level 3, Lido 3003

The Venetian and Sands Expo Center
201 Sands Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Presentation and papers


Oracle 10g Data warehouse ORION benchmark, size 20TB, 1200MB per second

During the last days, I have had the opportunity to test and benchmark a data warehousing hardware, that’s really fast for its money. It’s not suitable for real/available production, since it depends on disk striping over a bunch of components, but I considered it as a good way to push the limits a bit.

Result: A throughput of about 1200MB/s and nearly 1200 iops. Period. You may quickly want to see detailed results on the bottom of the page, but for fully understanding of the results look up the setup as well.
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World’s fastest SATA drive: WD VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS


imagine a 2,5″ SATAII disk in a 3,5″ heat sink. It’s 300 GB in size, 120MB/s buffer-to-disk rate, 16 MB Cache, 10.000 RPM, consuming 6 Watts under load.

Look here.

I think this baby should take up to 150 IO/s, in combination with RAID 0+1 and a decent RAID controller or/and (Oracle’s) ASM this can be a weapon. Especially for a bunch of redo log disks… *dreaming*

I think it’s hot stuff

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