Martin Klier


World’s fastest SATA drive: WD VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS


imagine a 2,5″ SATAII disk in a 3,5″ heat sink. It’s 300 GB in size, 120MB/s buffer-to-disk rate, 16 MB Cache, 10.000 RPM, consuming 6 Watts under load.

Look here.

I think this baby should take up to 150 IO/s, in combination with RAID 0+1 and a decent RAID controller or/and (Oracle’s) ASM this can be a weapon. Especially for a bunch of redo log disks… *dreaming*

I think it’s hot stuff

Effectice load balancing for a (web?) service in RAC 10gR2
Counterize II does not count any more

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