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Oracle SQL Developer: New window, new session. Bad behavior?

Yay, it’s there. SQL Developer 4 is usable. It brings a new session for a new window (“unshared worksheet” in Oracle terms) – I was told lately SQL Developer 3 already had this. Did you know? Now we are kind of stable in 4: The 4.0.2 build 1521 (hehe) works good, so it’s time to see how “Unshared Worksheet” works here. That’s what we alwas had – one sheet, one session:

That's what we alwas had: One sheet, one session


Now let’s open a new sheet…


… and we still have one session:


Version 4 allows to change this behavior – enable “New worksheet to use unshared connection”:


Now we have two tabs, and two sessions:


But when we close this second tab, we still have a session:


Open a third tab (second is closed), now we have a third session:


When we disconnect and connect …


… we don’t change anything with the two “abandoned” sessions, but the tab being opened first is re-connected (has a new SID):


But if we cleanly restart the SQL Developer, we only have one, clean session:


Not bad, but still not perfect.

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