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Oracle: DOAG Konferenz 2012 – Look at’s

Hi there,

as usual, here are my personal notes from DOAG Konferenz 2012 (annual conference of the German Oracle User’s Group). I was there for two days, not three, on account of workload. But it was really good there, and again the event was a great mixture of technology and people/networking.

Ok, here’s the list. Look at:

  • V$SQL_CS_SELECTIVITY, V$SQL_CS_STATISTICS and V$SQL_CS_HISTOGRAM to see a summary how often we are using child cursors
  • the BIND_AWARE hint and its opposite (starting with
  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing works with up to 8 bind variables
  • There will be Cardinality Feedback for Join Cardinalities in Oracle Database 12c (Christian Antognini)
  • SQL reoptimization in 12c (V$SQL.IS_REOPTIMIZABLE), a new term for Cardinality Feedback
  • dbms_xplan format=’all_dyn_plan’ to display 12c dynamic plans (Keyword: Inflection point)
  • Cloning pluggable databases within a container DB is only possible with “open read only” of the source, so what about live cloning?

Yeah, a short list this year, but I did a lot of technical testing stuff there and thus, forgot to write down the one or other thing.

Another compliment to the DOAG staff: Inviting Sascha Lobo for a keynote was a great idea, and also to make the boring usual, ever-skipped Q&A session really fun this year. Carry on!


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