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DOAG Konferenz 2009: Impressions Day 2

As promised, today my impressions of yesterday (confusing, I know). Clarification: This is about Wednesday, November 18th. I’m still at DOAG Conference 2009 in Nuremberg. Wednesday was a silent day for my interests, especially at noon there have been less talks being of interest, but maybe they have done something for my general knowledge…

So once again, this are impressions, a digital copy of my scratchpad, unordered and without warranty. 🙂

For SQL Trace analysis:

  • let’s look at HOTSOS Profiler by Mr. Milsap, TRCANLZR (Oracle), TV$XTAT, ORASRP and MERTITS Profiler. For the latter, a limited free edition is available (without realtime V$ associations)
  • Review the Index usage when date/timestamp datatypes are used
  • 11g cursor close type (in a trace file) might enlighten something

Oracle on VM:

  • Oracle VM 2.2 uses XEN 3.4 core now
  • nice feature of Oracl VM: IO Priority (time slicing)
  • Oracle DB in an Oracle VM will have about 10% losses on CPU power
  • Oracle VM is limited to 60.000 IOPS 🙂
  • PVM with Direct Driver option is fastest
  • Activate Direct IO
  • Windows will be faster than on bare metal when running on Oracle VM, due to better IO scheduling

Some impression for a lightweight monitoring:

  • Disk space
  • Backup-History
  • you may need an OS agent (Perl, Java?)
  • Alert Log Parser
  • Own snapshots for XPlans

DB Migration inputs:

  • 10gR2 will be go into sustaining support in July 2011. You have to decide if you want to have extended support until July 2010. If not, your free extended support will end in 2011!
  • For Charset Migrations, use CSscan from My Oracle Support (hopefully it’s online)
  • Full Exports always as SYSTEM (the new DB already HAS a data dictionary, it won’t need a new one 😉 ), don’t forget to export SYS grants seperately!
  • Good old-syle-IMP tuning may be to set COMMIT_WAIT/COMMIT_WRITE to NOWAIT – don’t forget to enable again for operation!
  • For migration scenarios with EXPDP: See ML Note 553337.1
  • If you have licensed Active Datatguard, Oracle Golden Gate is licensed (at least for a migration)

The impressions for Thursday will follow soon, have fun
Martin Klier

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