Martin Klier


Find out your character set in Oracle DB

Hi, since ‘show parameter’ does not tell you your database charset, use this statement to see how your characters are stored: select * from nls_database_parameters where parameter=’NLS_CHARACTERSET’; Regards Usn […]

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Talk “Hope is not a strategy” at Vocational School Wiesau

Hi, there will be a talk about IT High Availability for rising IT professionals at Vocational IT School Wiesau on Monday, 10th of March 2008. The topic: “Hope is not a startegy” – IT high availability in theory and practical experience See paper and slides here. Regards Martin EDIT: There has been a nice press […]

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Oracle Database with SGA of or larger than 16GB

Hi, using large SGA’s requires 64bit Oracle RDBMS, of course. But furthermore, some OS settings are to be done. SUSE walks it’s own lane, quite as usual, so I will provide two ways for doing without ORA-27102. […]

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New homepage for our Linux User Group Mitterteich

Hi friends, the Linux User Group Mitterteich has a new webpage and a new URI (http://www.linux-mitterteich.de). The old URI (http://www.lug-mitterteich.de.vu) will be redirected from today on. Well, the page isn’t perfect at the moment – but finally we started working on it: The free template (made by Ramin Hossaini) used at the moment will be […]

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Blog moved and updated

Hi, this blog has been moved to our new Debian root server – much more of my own taste than olde funpic has been. And, at least, free of advertising cheap flights or packet shipping companies by popup and/or floating-in banners. Touching the blog software anyway, the update being due since two weeks was done: […]

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Oracle 10gR2 Clusterware on Novell/SuSE SLES10 on multipath devices

Hi RAC-DBAs, installing the Oracle Clusterware CRS 10.2 on SLES10 with its multipath devices can be tricky. Background: The tool formatting the OCR disks, clsfmt.bin, is buggy concerning multipath / device mapper devices and you will see root.sh fail and clsfmt spit out errors like: clsfmt: Failure trying to resize OCR file from … bytes […]

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My first steps with Gentoo – Part I

Hi, saw some friends of mine using Gentoo for useful purposes (only had experience with Gentoo users asking useless questions and/or causing deeply clueless arguments about the use of a portage based OS so far), I needed to check it myself. First thing, loaded a minimalistic Gentoo 2007.0 .iso file onto my VMware server, and […]

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