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DOAG Conference 2011 – Impressions and Look-at’s

Once again this year, the German Oracle Users Group has its annual conference and exhibition in Nuremberg. (DOAG Konferenz und Ausstellung 2011, N├╝rnberg). Being there is nearly a must for Oracle guys in German speaking countries.

As usual, here comes my unordered, incomplete and ad-hoc list of things I wrote down to have a closer look at in the next year, coming up during or from random talks I attended.

Day 1 (Tue 15.11.2011)

  • AVG_ROW_LENGTH of a table vs. Blocksize
  • analyze table X validate stucture cascade
  • Linux: Transcendent Memory
  • Linux: CleanCache and zcache
  • Linux: Cgroups
  • Linux: Transparent Huge Pages (wow!)
  • Linux: DTrace
  • Linux proprietary: Ksplice
  • View: registry$history for the REAL version number
  • Rolling Upgradable patches means minimal downtime on on Single Instance DBs, in combination with Out-of-Place-Upgrade)
  • Bug 10187168 in PSU (_cursor_features_enables=1026
  • Typeset conversions: CSscan and DMU utilities
  • AIX patch following note 1246995 (Memory Footprint)

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Oracle Clusterware 11.2: ASM crashes at startup

These days, a customer’s Oracle Clusterware (2 nodes) crashed one ASM instance at every startup.

More Facts:

  • It was not possible to start it manually, too.
  • The CSSD was running.
  • For obvious reasons, CRSD did not start.
  • The other ASM instance in the cluster recognized CLUSTER RECONFIGURATION for a short period of time.

The ASM Alert Log file looked like:

Sun Nov 13 13:44:08 2011
 MMNL started with pid=21, OS id=7783
 lmon registered with NM - instance number 2 (internal mem no 1)
 Sun Nov 13 13:46:05 2011
 System state dump requested by (instance=2, osid=7684 (PMON)),
         summary=[abnormal instance termination].
 System State dumped to trace file /u01/app/oracle/diag/asm/+asm/+ASM2/trace/+ASM2_diag_7706.trc
 Sun Nov 13 13:46:05 2011
 PMON (ospid: 7684): terminating the instance due to error 481
 Dumping diagnostic data in directory=[cdmp_20111113134605], requested by (instance=2, osid=7684 (PMON)),
         summary=[abnormal instance termination].
 Instance terminated by PMON, pid = 7684

Strange problem. Looking up device permissions, read write tests, rebooting the cluster in a downtime window – nothing.

To make a long story short: The NTP daemon did not get his time synchronisation, but was running. Thus, CTSS was in observer mode, and server time started drifting apart. Fixing NTP, fixed the cluster.

Nota bene

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