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Talk about Database Technology Basics at Berufsschule Wiesau

Once again, I will talk about an IT topic at Vocational School (Berufsschule) Wiesau. This year, it’s Basics of Database Technology (Grundlagen der Datenbanktechnik) for 11th and 12th-graders, who will become certified IT specialists for software development soon. Their certification is called “Fachinformatiker der Fachrichtung Anwendungsentwicklung” in German.

The paper for the talk is available now: DB-Grundlagen.pdf

See the kind report about the day as well.

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Martin Klier

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Oracle Technology Day Storage Optimisation – Impressions

In January, I’ve bee rather busy, so the blog was left alone. No sense in blogging just to blog.

Now some content. I attended the Oracle Technology Day – Storage Optimisation in Bonn, Germany. It was a nice event, lots of information, a bit commercials, excellent catering. But this is a technical blog, let’s talk abut Oracle technology.

One interesting information was the averages the first speaker, Mr. Gerd Schoen of Oracle, explained. They are mostly valid for OLAP systems, and I don’t claim they are absolutely true, but it was interesting to hear. I neither will comment them, nor discuss them. Just read what I heard.

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