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Oracle expdp utility i18n – strange

Export> kill_job
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): yes
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): yes
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): yes
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): yes
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): yes
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): YES
Möchten Sie diesen Job wirklich stoppen ([yes]/no): ja

(“Do you really want to stop this job”; “yes” is “ja” in German)

No further comment.

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Counterize II does not count any more


Counterize II is a beautiful tool for gathering WordPress statistics. But after updating to WP 2.5 it did simply not count any more. No action taken – including an upgrade to the most recent counterizeii version – did help, and after upgrading WP to 2.5.1 today the situation did not change.

Now I asked Steffen what’s to do.


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World’s fastest SATA drive: WD VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS


imagine a 2,5″ SATAII disk in a 3,5″ heat sink. It’s 300 GB in size, 120MB/s buffer-to-disk rate, 16 MB Cache, 10.000 RPM, consuming 6 Watts under load.

Look here.

I think this baby should take up to 150 IO/s, in combination with RAID 0+1 and a decent RAID controller or/and (Oracle’s) ASM this can be a weapon. Especially for a bunch of redo log disks… *dreaming*

I think it’s hot stuff

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Effectice load balancing for a (web?) service in RAC 10gR2


had to review service creation with DBMS_SERVICE package for a good-feeling load balancing in Oracle RAC 10gR2 several times – now I have to write it down for myself. :) I needed it for a web service using shared server today, but the generic syntax is useful for all other purposes as well.

Basic service creation in RAC is rather simple, just use

alter system set service_name='service1','service2' scope=both sid='*';
alter system register;

But for the configuration of active RAC load balancing and for setting a special focus on a balancing behaviour, you need the DBMS_SERVICE package, as described in Oracle documentation “95 DBMS_SERVICE“.
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The early bird …

The early bird may catch the worm.

But the second mouse gets the cheese!

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Computer addicted? Parent’s training with Jörg Kabierske

Today (huh, it’s still “today”) I attended a so-called parent’s training (in German “Elterntraining”) at a local grammar school (Kepler Gymnasium Weiden). It’s topic was the handling of youths in contact with computers, internet and addiction risks. The lecturer was Jörg Kabierske, Regensburg (

I was there just out of curiosity, to see what kind of questions would be asked, what kind of answers would be given. Since it’s a difficult field for sweeping answers, the latter point was a bit short – to some people’s regret.
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ORA-00600 [kgeade_is_0]

Have a look at this nice one (alert log), seen in 10gR2 ( 64bit on Linux):

ORA-00600: Interner Fehlercode, Argumente: [kgeade_is_0], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

And from the trace file:

Current SQL statement for this session:
select tablespace_id, rfno, allocated_space, file_size, file_maxsize, changescn_base, changescn_wrap, flag
where inst_id != :inst and (changescn_wrap >= :w or (changescn_wrap = :w and changescn_base >= :b))
<stack traces en masse>
        Error 600 encountered
error 600 detected in background process
OPIRIP: Uncaught error 447. Error stack:
ORA-00447: fatal error in background process
ORA-00600: Interner Fehlercode, Argumente: [kgeade_is_0], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

Context: One RAC node (of two) worked well, the other one did as described immediately after restarting the instance (I guess during the instance recovery process).

Neither Metalink nor Google seems to know this one. We will see.


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New theme


decided to look for a new theme. After testing GenkiTheme, Mimetastic and Munch, I ended up with TechnoPlain 1.1

Hope it looks okay for you.


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Disabling (or enabling) general job execution in Oracle 10g


disabling and enabling job execution in Oracle DB has two ways: If you are using dbms_jobs, it’s handy to set job_queue_processes to zero to disable the execution of jobs, and set it to a value >0 (maybe 100) to enable.

If you are using dbms_scheduler, this parameter does not work for you. You will have to use package functions to disable


or to enable


job execution. Keep the reverse sense of the TRUE/FALSE parameters in mind (you are deciding whether to DISABLE the scheduler or not)!

Hope this helps

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Find out your character set in Oracle DB


since ‘show parameter’ does not tell you your database charset, use this statement to see how your characters are stored:

select * from nls_database_parameters 
where parameter='NLS_CHARACTERSET';


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