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German Federal Constitutional Court: Confidentiality and Integrity of IT systems


germany’s highest court of justice , the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) has given a new direction to the discussion about German authority’s online searching of home computers:

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New homepage for our Linux User Group Mitterteich

Hi friends,

the Linux User Group Mitterteich has a new webpage and a new URI ( The old URI ( will be redirected from today on.

Well, the page isn’t perfect at the moment – but finally we started working on it:

  • The free template (made by Ramin Hossaini) used at the moment will be replaced: Maxi works on a new, customized one.
  • I developed the page structure and filled it with first, generic and historical content, most items simply have been migrated it from the old page.
  • By and by, the content will come.

Please review the new page, and tell me you opinion. I’d be glad.


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Blog moved and updated


this blog has been moved to our new Debian root server – much more of my own taste than olde funpic has been. And, at least, free of advertising cheap flights or packet shipping companies by popup and/or floating-in banners.

Touching the blog software anyway, the update being due since two weeks was done: WordPress 2.3.3 serves this page now.


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Another lecture “Basics of database technology” in German

Tomorrow at 10 a.m. I’ll give a lecture about the “Basics of database technology” in German language for 9th-formers of Augustinus Grammar School in Weiden.

See the handout and the presentation here.


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Oracle 10gR2 Clusterware on Novell/SuSE SLES10 on multipath devices


installing the Oracle Clusterware CRS 10.2 on SLES10 with its multipath devices can be tricky.

Background: The tool formatting the OCR disks, clsfmt.bin, is buggy concerning multipath / device mapper devices and you will see fail and clsfmt spit out errors like:

clsfmt: Failure trying to resize OCR file from ... bytes to ... bytes
clsfmt: Received unexpected error 4 from skgfifi

Oracle Patch Set or one-off patch 4679769 from Oracle Metalink fixes this, but during install with runInstaller you are bound to the install kit AND you cannot apply a patch before a product is fully installed. Subsequently, the fails and you have to clean up the mess manually and format the disks manually. I did not want do do so, I solved this problem in this way:

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