Martin Klier


Oracle 12c Multitenant: impdp fails w/ ORA-31625 and ORA-01031 because of Database Vault

Things are different in Oracle Database 12c with multitenancy option. My most recent example: I tried to import a schema (new name “NEWSCHEMA”) with datapump IMPDP and REMAP_SCHEMA into the same pluggable database it has been exported from with EXPDP immediately before (name “OLDSCHEMA”), running as SYSTEM. I’m doing things like that with DBA permissions, since […]

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Many topics are to be found on the web about IMPDP and UNDO_RETENTION. This one will become a more theoretical one, around the central question: Why, please why does a huge IMPDP fail with ORA-1555 if there is too less UNDO_RETENTION configured? Like so often, these questions come from a problem. I had to impdp […]

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Oracle IMPDP: Wildcard hacking

Sometimes you want to use datapump import (impdp) for smart problems. An example is excluding (or including) a subset of objects, like tables. The usual way to do so is the EXCLUDE keyword. (Footnote: All examples in this post are written for a parameter file, so don’t forget a proper quoting for your shell if […]

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