Martin Klier


OakTableWorld TED Talk: The Connectivity Issue

It was a great OakTableWorld this year. Thanks to the organization team around Kyle Hailey! There have been many speakers worth listening to, just to mention the best in my opinion: Cary Millsap, Jonathan Lewis, Tanel Põder, Alex Gorbachev, Connor McDonald and John Hurley. I had the chance to have a TED Talk of 10 […]

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Oracle Database 12c announced for 2013

Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison announced Oracle Database 12c, with a focus on its Pluggable Database feature.Oracle Database 12c will become available in 2013. Mr. Ellison pointed out, that in consolidation cases, saving the overhead for processes and memory structures gives the product an advantage over competitors. There have been more announcements: Oracle Cloud, Oracle Private […]

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