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Oracle: How to identify SQL doing TABLE ACCESS FULL on a given partition

In my last post, I described a quick show case for Oracle 12c Automatic Big Table Caching. But ABTC is just a crock, nevertheless a useful one. The biggest help from Automatic Big Table Caching for “sustainable” database performance management is the temperature of segments, heated up by TABLE ACCESS FULL. In my case, after enabling ABTC the hottest segment was one I did not expect: A sink containing lots of passive data, a LIST partition holding the passive status. (Not) nice, and now the next question is, who does that?

Finding SQL_IDs doing Full Table Scans on a given table is no magic, V$SQL_PLAN allows it in a very simple way:

select distinct sql_id, plan_hash_value
 from v$sql_plan
 and operation='TABLE ACCESS'
 and options like '%FULL%'
 and object_name='MYTABLE'
 group by sql_id,plan_hash_value
 order by sql_id,plan_hash_value;

But the challenge is, to find every TABLE ACCESS FULL that comes from a PARTITION LIST operation. Thus, we need a query that allows looking back one row in V$SQL_PLAN, to decide if the TABLE ACCESS FULL is relevant:

How to identify SQL doing TABLE ACCESS FULL on a given partition

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