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ORA-600 [kokiasg1] – reasons and workaround

Last days, I had an interesting issue with a customer’s test database. The DB crashed, after manually but unintentionally corrupting the SYS schema (dropping an unknown number of objects). Restarting the instance (open) ended with:

ORA-00600: internal error code,
arguments: [kokiasg1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

Our quick fix was to restore/recover (PITR) to a point in time before causing havoc on the SYS schema. But as a spin-off, the Oracle Support SR I did start in parallel, analyzed the cause of the ORA-600 [kokiasg1]. I did not find anything reliable on the web, but this is what my support engineer suggested, if a PITR like in my case would not be possible due to business data requirements:

ORA-600 [kokiasg1] error can also occur if the sequence IDGEN1$ is missing, not only AUDSES$. The sequence IDGEN1$ is created when the database is created. The ddl is also in script migrate.bsq.

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Oracle Real World Performance Tour 2014 with Tom Kyte and friends in München (Munich)

The German Oracle User Group (DOAG Deutsche Oracle Anwendergruppe) announced Munich as a location of the Real World Performance Tour 2014 with

  • Tom Kyte, Senior Technical Architect ORACLE Server Technology Division, ORACLE Vice President
  • Graham Wood, Architect Server Technologies
  • Andrew Holdsworth, Senior Director Real World Performance Server Technologies

Location: Munich (Details coming soon)
Date: February 19th 2014
Time: 9am – 5pm
Cost: EUR 130,- (Early Bird)

Link to the DOAG event page:

Looking forward to meeting you there!
Martin Klier


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Upcoming DBA in Team Oracle Germany? :)

I’m no fan of preselecting kid’s ways of life. But I couldn’t resist bringing a T-Shirt from OpenWorld back to Germany. Now since it fits Maxi, I’m just loving it. :)







The other picture is my teammate Benedikt as Maxi’s cushion. :)






Please: Let your kid choose their own way. I had this choice, and I’m very happy with a job my parents didn’t even know.

Take care

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