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Oracle Open World: “Resolving child cursor issues resulting in mutex waits”

As promised in the session, here comes my presentation from Oracle Open World 2012, Moscone West, Room 2016 at 10:30 PST. For the case studies and detailed information, please see the white paper or my article in the newest IOUG SELECT Journal (Vol. 19 / No. 3 / Third Quarter 2012).

Session Display OOW12

Thanks a lot to the more than 200 attendees and thank you very much for the good and constructive discussion afterwards! The latter is always the best part!

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful conference and have a safe way home!

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Effecting Oracle Miracles With Standard Edition And Statspack (=without AWR)

For the most time, I have to work with Oracle Standard Edition database systems without any chance to use AWR, ASH or Diagnostics Pack in general. But performance problems have to be analysed in budget environments as well, and many people are complaining about Oracle’s policy in this area. But in my experience, it’s also possible to solve most response time issues with SE as well – maybe you have to go without a GUI or know a little bit more than the average Click-And-Buy EE DBA. (pardon!) :)

Today and from my position I can’t change the first fact for you, but maybe the latter: Here comes my personal Oracle SE grimoire – not much, but it works like a charm.

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