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Microsoft SQL server fragmentation and reorganization

Oh really, there ARE guys with deep insight into Microsoft SQL server. This notes absolutely look like a willing professional who did learn something new:

But what about me? I am still looking for a course or material giving me the SQL Server architecture and logic in a way I can understand. At least one resource that looks promising in this sense:

Sad feeling: SQL Server seems to be much, much more an oracle than Oracle is to me.

Struggeling on ;)


How to find out the (biggest) table size in MS SQL Server?

How to find out the (biggest) table size in MS SQL Server? To find the answer in your preferred search engine is difficult – not because there are no hits, but there is that lot of crap to see, it’s just unbelievable. If you don’t want to enjoy this experience, maybe have a look into this page:

The author, Michel Degremont, did a good job, but his post is ranked way too badly for the quality provided. Give credit where credit is due!

Standing on the shoulders of giants,
Yours, Martin
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