New My Oracle Support (ex. Metalink): Use without flash: HTML Option

In the last days, My Oracle Support was redesigned. But since flash is a performance eater and not always available, people like to have an option to use My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) with HTML only.

The link to it is well-hidden, but nevertheless useful!

Give it a try:

Best regards

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3 Responses to “New My Oracle Support (ex. Metalink): Use without flash: HTML Option”

  1. TheBonsai Says:

    Bookmarked! Thanks for that… And please tell me why a SUPPORT INTERFACE that you might need in EVERY SITUATION is based on an unreliable technology with focus on multimedia :)

  2. usn Says:

    They seem to know that it’s a PITA, otherwise there would be no alternative as described above.

    But the next question is: Why do they hide this option so well? A link on the start page of MOS might help lots of people…

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