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Oracle IMPDP: Wildcard hacking

Sometimes you want to use datapump import (impdp) for smart problems. An example is excluding (or including) a subset of objects, like tables. The usual way to do so is the EXCLUDE keyword.
(Footnote: All examples in this post are written for a parameter file, so don’t forget a proper quoting for your shell if you are using them on command line.)

(1) The basic syntax for excluding the table EMPLOYEES_1 from import is:


(2) More sophisticated is the use of an IN() statement for more than one table, let’s ignore EMPLOYEES_1, CARS_1 and TRUCKS_1: Read more…

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Oracle: Query/Monitoring autoextend of datafiles

Did you ever wonder how to see whether your datafile is on autoextend or not, or monitor the autoextension to keep eyeballs on target? The Oracle EM is a simple tool for that, but some people do prefer the direct query.

See a little example to query or autoextend a datafile.

select * from dba_data_files where tablespace_name='USERS';

alter database datafile &datafilenumber AUTOEXTEND
        on next &increment maxsize &maxsize;

Take care

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