Get Oracle User DDL with dbms_metadata

Sometimes you have to recreate a user in a DB, and you like it to be the same as before again. To have its DDL at hand is usually rather convenient. DBMS_METADATA is a great toolbox to get it, my example is just a short but hopefully useful excerpt of its possibilities:

set long 200000 pages 0 lines 131
column meta format a121 word_wrapped
select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('USER', '&&username') meta from dual;
select dbms_metadata.get_granted_ddl('OBJECT_GRANT', '&&username') meta from dual;
select dbms_metadata.get_granted_ddl('ROLE_GRANT', '&&username') meta from dual;
select dbms_metadata.get_granted_ddl('SYSTEM_GRANT', '&&username') meta from dual;

Take care

EDIT: Thanks to Ask Tom for the settings to use in SQL*PLUS.

EDIT2: Changed Username to input variable

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