Creating Oracle AWR reports quicksheet

For comparing, classifying, benchmarking and forecasting databases, Oracle’s Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) is neat. (But remember! You will need a diagnostics pack license for that as described here and here – if you need a free technology for performance monitoring, consider using Craig Shallahamer’s OSM toolkit.)

This post simply describes the package calls to create a AWR report, for details please see the Oracle documentation or

If you need to create a snapshot manually, because you don’t like the one-hour interval, or if you disabled taking snapshots at all:


Create a report:


This script will ask you for the format of the report (html or plain text), the snapshot ID for start and end of the report (an overview of the last n day’s snapshots is given) and for a report name, that’s used for the report file name (.html or .lst).

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