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My first steps with Gentoo – Part I


saw some friends of mine using Gentoo for useful purposes (only had experience with Gentoo users asking useless questions and/or causing deeply clueless arguments about the use of a portage based OS so far), I needed to check it myself.

First thing, loaded a minimalistic Gentoo 2007.0 .iso file onto my VMware server, and created a VM with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of harddisk. Booted the image, had to choose a keyboard language (German = 10, but if you type “1” you cannot get back to change it, since Backspace is ignored) and saw a beautiful root-prompt. But the NIC has no IP address, but the resolv.conf had the fottprint of my DHCP system. Big questionmark. Shutting and starting the interface solved that. Strange.

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