Scheduler hangs in Oracle Database 10g


sometimes the 10g scheduler refuses to start jobs any more. I do not know why at the moment, but as a workaround you can just kill -9 the “coordinator job queue (CJQ0)” process from OS level. The process will be named like “ora_cjq0_SID” in a RAC.

PMON does a restart of the coordinator after some sconds, and it works again. May be a hack, but I will tell more as soon as I know it.

Great scheduler post:


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  1. Usn’s IT Blog » Oracle: Remove scheduler jobs in a loop Says:

    […] If there are too much scheduler jobs in an Oracle database, the CJQ process may die unexpectedly. This has nothing to do with job history, not, it’s the number of jobs known to the system. In my experience, the critical number is somewhere around 32.000 in 10.2 64bit. By the way, that’s the solution for this post here. […]

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