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Solaris SMF (Service Management Facility) introduction


Solaris is great. I found out as I purchased an used Fujitsu Siemens Primepower 400 some time ago. Now, here is a new category: Solaris, and most time it will mean Solaris 10.

Primepower 400

Solaris IS cool – not at least because of its stable and self-healing system service management, called “SMF” (Service Management Facility), configured and used by commands like “svcadm” and “svccfg”. It’s xml based – but do not worry, there are tools available. For an introduction, have a look at this document (thanks to


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Scheduler hangs in Oracle Database 10g


sometimes the 10g scheduler refuses to start jobs any more. I do not know why at the moment, but as a workaround you can just kill -9 the “coordinator job queue (CJQ0)” process from OS level. The process will be named like “ora_cjq0_SID” in a RAC.

PMON does a restart of the coordinator after some sconds, and it works again. May be a hack, but I will tell more as soon as I know it.

Great scheduler post:


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