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How to fail over a client transparently in a dataguard switchover/failover scenario


with using dataguard (Oracle’s hot/cold standby database solution) you have the challenge to make a failover or a roleswitch between the primary and the standby database transparent to the clients. If you don’t, you will have a (partially) loss of service: Clients tnsnames.ora’s will need reconfiguration or the application has to use another TNS connection name now. This paper shows a different, very smart way. If you don’t want to read the whole thing and just have OCI and sql*plus clients to service, have a look at my quick summary. I tested it and use it for production now.

You have:

  1. a working dataguard setup with two database servers, one is primary, the other one is (physical) standby
  2. one or more client(s) with oracle client installed – I used, don’t know for sure if older versions are possible, too.

Use this as service entry in your client’s tnsnames.ora:
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Job exchange for Linux/OSS


this idea looks good to me:
It’s a free job platform for Linux and OSS – I think the world needs things like this. Please let me know whether it works or not.

Good luck,

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Kerberos auth with Apache 2.2 and Microsoft Active Directory


just a note: Have a look at

It’s not perfect, but my additions will follow as soon as my prototype here is running well. At the moment it does, but I do not fully understand why :)


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