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DOAG Presentation: Oracle Standard Edition RAC

Wednesday last week, I had a presentation for my regional Oracle Users Group (DOAG Regio Nürnberg). The month before I was asked to display the difference between Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition RACs.

Here comes the presentation (German), for questions and suggestions just let me know.

Stay highly available
Martin Klier

DOAG Konferenz 2013: “Oracle Architektur – nicht nur für Einsteiger”





After speaking about mutex waits last year, this time DOAG accepted my lecture “Oracle Architektur – nicht nur für Einsteiger” about Oracle Database basic architecture for this year’s DOAG Konferenz 2013 in Nürnberg. It will be the first lesson in a brand-new stream of the conference: The so-called “Einsteigerpaket” (beginners package) allows seeing a full stream of introductory talks by only purchasing a one-day ticket for the last day (thursday).

“Oracle Architektur – nicht nur für Einsteiger” will cover basic but important concepts of the Oracle RDBMS: How it makes ACID happen, what are Redo Logs, Undo Records, Before Images, how is locking done, and where not, and why all of those old day’s features allowed Oracle to introduce sophisticated stuff like RAC, Dataguard and Flashback without breaking bones.

Nuts and bolts is the topic, but on a level every IT technican should understand. Hope to see you there: 21.11.2013, 0900h, Room 19

Direct link to the session:

Here the link to the papers and a photo from the session.

DOAG Webinar: ORACLE Datenbank Architektur – nicht nur für Einsteiger (German Language)

On Friday, 08/03/2013, I’ll present an online lecture about Oracle Architecture for the DOAG (Deutsche Oracle Anwendergruppe, German Oracle User’s Group) and the DOAG SIG Database.





The lesson will contain (excerpt from TOC):

  • Oracle Datenbank-Architektur
    • Verbindung, Namespace(s) und Abschottung
    • Instanz und Datenbank
    • Alles Blöcke, oder was?
    • Redo, Undo und was man damit macht
  • Stets das Ziel: „Das Konzept dahinter“ verstehen
  • Primär für Einsteiger = Vertiefung für Erfahrene


It’s free for members, so I hope to welcome you there.
Martin Klier

Here comes the presentation: Oracle Datenbank Architektur – nicht nur für Einsteiger
Thank you very much for attending!!

Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2012: “Resolving child cursor issues resulting in mutex waits”

On behalf of Klug GmbH integrierte Systeme and the IOUG, I will speak in the US for a second time this year: “Resolving child cursor issues resulting in mutex waits” at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco, Moscone Center.

It’s Session UGF10573 (User Group Forums)
Date and Time: Sunday, 9/30/12, 10:30 – 11:30
Venue / Room: Moscone West – 2016

Speaking at Oracle Open World 2012




In special situations, the Oracle Database generates too many child cursors for particular SQL-IDs. This results in high CPU load on the DB server, coming from heavy mutex access. This is visible as mutex wait events.

Read more…


Hi folks, thanks for attending my lesson!

Here comes the paper and presentation. If there are further questions, feel free to contact me – email and stuff is in the documents.

2012_893_Whitepaper (pdf)

2012_893_Presentation (pdf)


Oracle: Example schema for my DB lectures

This is my example schema, basis for the DB tuning lectures. Please use your “save as” function or copy the URI to use wget.


Martin Klier

Lecture about Database Technology Basics at Augustinus Gymnasium Weiden

This year, I will talk again about basics of DB technology for 9th grade of AGW (Augustinus Gymnasium Weiden, a secondary school) again. The same event has been a success in the last years, and it’s simply nice there.

Nice? Please allow me a word about this school. They have an engaged teacher, Klaus Märker, who does a lot more of IT teaching than he would have to. His voluntary IT classes are simply looking great and promising. It’s a big opportunity for the kids, to learn some IT specials during their school time. I hope, you know and value what he does for you.

It was self-evident for me to support his approach on showing the young ones more than ministry officials creating an official curriculum can imagine. Database technology is some kind of “poor cousin” in IT schooling. I see that every day. I am not under the imagination that the girls and boys there will become database pros from one lecture, may it be good or bad. But they have a chance to see more than their history-, latin- or maths books. And be honest, at least, if you don’t use a database by yourself, your name is already inside a pretty good one.

Ok, enough of this monologue, here comes the paper.

Hopefully, it will be fun again,

Talk about Database Technology Basics at Berufsschule Wiesau

Once again, I will talk about an IT topic at Vocational School (Berufsschule) Wiesau. This year, it’s Basics of Database Technology (Grundlagen der Datenbanktechnik) for 11th and 12th-graders, who will become certified IT specialists for software development soon. Their certification is called “Fachinformatiker der Fachrichtung Anwendungsentwicklung” in German.

The paper for the talk is available now: DB-Grundlagen.pdf

See the kind report about the day as well.

Best regards
Martin Klier

Talk: IT Performance

On Thuesday, March 24th, 2009 at 9 a.m. I will speak at Berufsschule Wiesau about general matters of IT performance.

Papers and the presentation are available online now:

Handout “IT-performance”


Martin Klier

EDIT: That’s a nice article about the event on the school’s webpage. Thanks!

“Basics of Database Technology” again

Tomorrow, there will be a version 2.0 of a lecture from last year, again for 9th-formers of Augustinus Weiden.

The handout and the presentation are online now, we will see what Friday brings.

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